Year 7 Science visit to the Cotter Dam

In Term 3, Year 7 students visited Cotter Dam for an excursion that arose as a collaboration between Integrated Humanities and Integrated Maths and Science.  Students looked at the Cotter and surrounds from a number of perspectives, learning about and examining links between the history, geography, ecology, water chemistry and water management of the area.

Cultural immersion in the Lombadina-Djarindjin community

At our recent Narragunnawali Assembly, the school community commissioned the Lombadina Immersion Program participants. The Immersion will take place from 23 September until 2 October. Senior students Hannah Mason, Lauren Hawkins, Alexandra Moylan, Eva Knight, Julia Page, Genevieve Sandeman, accompanied by staff Ms Connellan and Mr Chifley, as well as two Catholic Mission Australia representatives, will participate in a cultural immersion in the Lomadina-Djarindjin community, North-East of Broome organized by Catholic Mission Australia.

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