Merici College Green Tip #1 - A Family Guide to Waste-Free Living

During Term 1 at Merici we focus on reducing waste and hope that this translates into action here at school, at home and wherever you may go.

I was recently introduced to a lovely and inspiring book, A Family Guide to Waste-Free Living, which can assist us all to do better with reducing our waste. It is about a family of five living near Hobart who have produced no waste or recycling since 2015. They remind us that even through recycling, we are using energy and resources. 

Costa Georgiadis provides the foreword and states that:

The Year in Sustainability

To garden is to care deeply, inclusively, and audaciously for the world outside our homes and our heads. It’s a way of being that’s intimately interwoven with the real truths of existence – not the things we’re told to value (money, status, ownership), but the things that actually matter ( sustenance, perspective, beauty, connection, growth). To be a gardener is to be invested in a place – to know it, to protect it and to be present. Georgina Reid, The Planthunter

The Year in Creative and Performing Arts

There have been many changes this year in Creative and Performing Arts. This year we had three new staff join the team, Mrs. Nicola Bartasek as the Music Teacher, Ms. Carly Johnson as the Drama Teacher and Ms. Justine MacCormick as a Visual Arts, Photography teacher and as the Coordinator. Mrs. Laura Pearce continued teaching Dance, Mrs. Liz Igoe-Taylor Visual Arts and Mr. Matthew Reynolds Media.

The Year in Global Studies

What a year we have had, one like no other! In response to the challenges that arose in our community due to the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers rallied together and developed interesting and engaging activities which were delivered remotely during the lockdown period. Their professional approach to caring for the students was impressive. The Global Studies Department includes the subjects of Legal Studies, Business Studies, Graphic Design, Senior Ancient and Modern History, Geography, History, Civics and Citizenship, Business and Economics, Integrated Humanities, Food Technology and Textiles.

The Year in English

Being an English teacher at Merici College is fantastic because we see the passion and empathy of our students as they explore great literature and other forms of communication.

The Year in Religious Education

And we thought 2019 was a year of change! Just as things were settling in towards the end of Term 1, remote learning was upon us. Rather than seeing this as a huge imposition, the Religious Education staff jumped in to the challenge and managed to engage the students with some new ways of doing things – many of which have remained as we returned to the “new normal” once back at school. The variety of new software being used in classes is amazing!

The Year in Languages

The Languages Department has an activity-filled year. We are raising the cultural awareness in the school community by celebrating national days and festivals from Italy, China and France. An important but simple way to attain inter-cultural understanding is through food and celebrations.

The Year in Science

Wow, what a year. Bushfires, smoke, hail, COVID-19, remote learning and the constant feeling of not really knowing what was going to happen next, has made this a highly unusual year for everyone. It is definitely a year we would like to not repeat, but it has also shown how amazing and resilient the Merici community really is, including the Science Department.

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