The Year in Inclusive Education

Our Classroom Support Assistants have worked tirelessly to support our students both in the classrooms and across many aspects of the curriculum.

2020 has been a year of consolidation for Inclusive Education at Merici College. With the increase of professionals to our team we have seen The Hub, our central location, become a consistent hive of activity for students from across all year groups needing additional support. This space houses many varying aspects of improving learning for students.

CLASSROOM SUPPORT ASSISTANTS - Our Classroom Support Assistants have worked tirelessly to support our students both in the classrooms and across many aspects of the curriculum. During the remote learning phase of COVID restrictions the team, consisting of Mrs Cusack, Mrs Williams, Mrs Medd and Mrs Evans, were present at school every day to support students both online and face to face to ensure that access to quality learning was consistent and ongoing. Since then we have increased the team to include Mrs Soeker-Jadwat, Mrs Kingsford and Mrs Manna.

CROSS AGE TUTORING - Facilitated by Mrs Cusack, the Cross-Age Tutoring Program continues to run successfully bringing together Junior and Senior members of the Merici Community. The Program runs during lunchtimes and after school. Currently there are 35 teams of girls participating in this program and their enthusiasm is both visible and audible. The girls work together, with senior students providing learning and insights to junior students, discussing ideas, giving explanations and finding solutions for those challenging problems across a range of subjects.  The Program showcases examples of both cooperative learning and supportive learning applications as documented in the Principals of Powerful Learning.

ENGLISH AS AN ADDITIONAL LANGUAGE OR DIALECT (EAL/D) SUPPORT - Mrs Kate Jarvis attends the Hub during the week to work with and foster ongoing learning for students where English is their second language.  Together with the classroom teachers she aims to bridge the gap between the curriculum and language barriers in order to make learning more accessible.

HOMEWORK CLUB - Facilitated by Mrs Williams, the Homework Club occurs in the Hub and IC two afternoons a week and is frequented by students invested in making sure they are up to date with their work.

Targeted Literacy, Maths and Organisational lessons - Aside from these activities, the Hub is a space dedicated to students as a place to work and receive support. Merici staff provide targeted Literacy and Maths sessions as well as workload management sessions to increase student understanding of assessment requirements, develop literacy and numeracy skills along with focused attention on assisting students to complete classwork.

The Merici community fosters a joy of learning and a shared mindset that inclusivity is more than just the acknowledgement of others. Our team aims to demonstrate, at all times, a sense of collaboration to foster belonging and acceptance for all.


Karen Evans

Inclusive Education Coordinator

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