The Road to Academic Excellence

Loretta Wholley, Principal

The road to academic excellence which is not always smooth, straight and easy.

For most students, the road is uphill, winds around corners and requires hard work. Just like our experiences this year.  At our recent Awards ceremony, the ladies who received awards for their academic achievement and effort deserve this recognition and praise.  Many of them have had to make sacrifices to achieve their personal best:

Over many years now I have read the Graduation pages, posts and articles written about students who have achieved outstanding results at the end of Year 12. I have kept these to find out what it is that these students did, that kept them on the road to achieving their best possible result.

Here are a few hints:

  1. Work efficiently – (don’t procrastinate).
  2. Read all your assessment questions and rubrics carefully.
  3. Revise work in class at home everyday (on top of homework) - this way you don't have to cram hard the night before a test or exam
  4. Go to your teachers and/or other students if you don't understand and need to seek clarification
  5. Maintain a healthy balance between school, study, relaxation and sleep.
  6. Set small goals - complete a set of exercises or read a chapter of a book, before checking your phone or watching the next episode of your favourite show or having a delicious treat.

I believe being at a Catholic school means to not only to learn, but to live in, an environment that is embedded in the love of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

To our Merici students, you can be proud of being a member of this community. It is a place where we are accepted for our individual selves and we are constantly shown respect and challenged to reach our potential. 2020 has proven to us all that we are resilient, courageous, and confident.

Everyone's road to academic excellence is different. When we support each other, that is when we really thrive.


Mrs Loretta Wholley


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