Principal's Reflection of 2016

This Term has seen a number of services and celebrations for the students in their different year groups. Year 12 students attended a moving Graduation Mass and Awards Ceremony at St Christopher’s Cathedral and we have also had a wonderful celebration with students and their families at the Formal held at the Arboretum on what was a magnificent night. We had a beautiful Advent Mass for Year 7 to 10 students. With a special Award Ceremony the following day for our Year 10 students who had just completed a week of service in our community. The year will end, as it usually does with a great concert and disco.

The big areas of focus for 2016 have been the implementation and review of the Timetable and Reporting systems. We have also focused on improved Sustainability practices (which resulted in a $30,000 saving in electricity). Mental Health issues have continued to be an area of concern for our students, staff and their families. The mindfulness minute and technology free Pastoral Care times were just a small step into building resilience along with our pastoral program. Next year we will have a Calm Space in the school and introduce two new programs called MindMatters and Sources of Strength. These programs assist students to create a framework that creates hope and draws on the gifts we bring to our relationships with each other, God and of course, ourselves.

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