Merici College Green Tip #31 - A better toothbrush? On special this week.....

Sustainability at Merici

​Australia has a population of over 23 million people.

If every citizen uses only one toothbrush each year - a conservative estimate - Australia’s 23 million toothbrushes would amount to about 350 tonnes of landfill waste annually. On a global scale, the world population of well over 7 billion people will generate over 100,000 tonnes of toothbrush waste if every individual were to use only one toothbrush each year.

​Toothbrushes are part of the plastic waste problem. To "close the loop" on the plastics we put in our recycling bins, it is necessary to create a market for the recycled plastic. One solution that I have come across is this toothbrush.  The handle is made with 100% recycled food grade plastic. The bristles are plant derived and it comes packaged in 100% recycled cardboard packaging. Better for the environment.

Also, on special this week at Woolworths, link below. Used toothbrushes can be recycled through Terracycle. Save yours and there will be a collection at Merici next year. 


Colgate RecyClean Manual Toothbrush

Colgate RecyClean Soft Manual Toothbrush handle is made with 100% recycled food grade plastic. Designed for deep cleaning, with a compact head and plant derived bristles.

Colgate Recyclean Toothbrush 100% Recycled Plastic Handle Medium 1 pack | Woolworths

Look after your smile and the planet at the same time with the Colgate RecyClean Medium Bristles Toothbrush. Colgate RecyClean Medium Manual Toothbrush handle is made with 100% recycled food grade plastic.

Felicity Maher


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