Merici College Green Tip #2- Where Does Your Water Come From?

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When you turn on the tap, do you consider where your water comes from? Or goes to afterwards?

Prior to arriving at your tap, water goes through many stages. 

First it is collected through river catchments and makes its way to our dams, which store water before it is transferred to one of our two water treatment plants. 

After treatment is it distributed to urban reservoirs before being distributed via pumping stations and water mains. 

Once water is utilised it goes back down the drain as sewage. 

Sewage makes its way through a network of pipes to the sewage treatment plant where it is treated and discharged back in to the environment, where it flows downstream to be used again.

Current Combined Dam levels: 55.2% as at 12/09/2019

Felicity Maher 
Sustainability Officer 

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