Merici College Green Tip #13: Feeling the heat even with temperatures dropping?

Regularly check that heaters are set no higher than 22 degrees

As it gets cooler, there are multiple instances of heaters at school being turned up as high as they can go, and even left on overnight as high as 27 degrees overnight.

Please: Regularly check that heaters are set no higher than 22 degrees

Note: The optimum temperature for heating is 18-20 degrees and that the energy efficiency of heaters reduces the higher they are set – for every degree set above 18 degrees the heater uses 10% more energy resulting in more fossil fuel use and more carbon released into the atmosphere (increasing greenhouse gases and global warming) and increasing school spending on heating.

If the classroom was 27 degrees in summer students would be asking for fans and aircon on! 

18-22 degrees is a suitable temperature for our winter uniforms.  If someone is particularly cold during the day,  wearing a thermal top under uniforms is an option (fully covered by sleeves) with fleece lined opaque stockings.

We can all check that heaters are turned off in classrooms after the last lesson of the day to avoid any unnecessarily heating unused spaces.

It is a good habit for home as well which saves a lot of money that could be better used for the benefit of the family.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping our school to avoid unnecessary energy use, climate warming gases and unnecessary costs.


Felicity Maher
Sustainability Officer

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