Green Tip #3 - Sustainability on International Women's Day

Sustainability at Merici!

Happy International Women’s Day!

It’s a great time to remember and celebrate the role of women in contributing to sustainability.

The 1Million Women organisation is a movement of women and girls from every corner of the planet building a lifestyle revolution to fight the climate crisis. You can find out more or join the movement at

Along with mobilising ladies to get involved in climate action, 1MW has a great Facebook profile where they share tips, news, current events, inspiring speeches, and lots of other content related to sustainability:

Here’s a few stories of some amazing gals who’ve done great work for the planet:

  • Actress Shailene Woodley is an outspoken advocate for all things environmental – she’s used her public image to campaign for fossil fuel divestment, and protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline. She also buys exclusively second-hand clothing!
  • All-around boss lady Dr. Jane Goodall pioneered modern research on chimpanzees, and has engineered her huge public profile to campaign for species conservation.
  • Dr. Sylvia Earle is an oceanographer, explorer, author and lecturer, and an instrumental member of the National Geographic Society. Back in the ‘60s, she fought to join male-only expeditions and today her fearless curiosity about the ocean has given us 190 scientific publications.


Be inspired by these women and get sustainable this International Women’s Day!

Bed DeCourcy

Sustainability Officer

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