Green Tip #2 - Meric College Green Tip #2 - Have you wondered if what you do makes a difference?

If you have wondered if your individual efforts to compost can make a difference, read on.....

Australian group, Compost Revolution, tested the idea across 41,000 Australian homes. 

The result was 10 million kgs of food waste diverted from landfill and 19 million kgs of greenhouse gases avoided.

Just how much is 10 million kgs? 

That's the equivalent of over 83,000 full-size wheelie bins of perfectly good resources U-turned out of landfill and sent back to the Earth to replenish the soil, grow veggies and plants, and sequester carbon or:

Composting is so efficient at diverting waste that the average home of 2.55 people will divert their weight in food and garden waste in about a year and a half!
​Your indfividual actions can make a positive contribution to sustainability and the climate challenge.

Get busy composting!

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Felicity Maher
Sustainability Officer

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