2019 Satisfaction Survey


On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank our parents, students and staff for participating in our Satisfaction Survey. We had a high number of respondents to the 2019 Satisfaction Survey Results with 346 students, 347 parents, and 70 staff responding. Click here to find results.

Some of the parent’s comments were:

  • Merici is a safe place physically and emotionally. Staff always engage with students and parents positively and in a constructive supportive way should there ever be issues or topics of concern.
  • Seems like a very friendly and caring community of people that cares very much for and promotes the students’ wellbeing. I am also impressed by the enrichment opportunities provided and the dedication of the teachers.
  • Merici has nurtured and sustained our child in almost every respect. She is confident and content.
  • I like how the school encourages diversity in actions - showcases options available to get involved both in and out of school. Breaking down stereotypical boundaries. I believe my daughter believes she can do and participate in any field that interests her. Thank you.
  • The PC system works well as her teacher has a close relationship to my daughter.

Some comments from the students were:

  • I always say, and believe, that Merici is an amazing school. I always recommend Merici to other girls looking for a place to go for high school or to even parents who might have kids going into high school.
  • I feel we are given many outlets to contact leaders at the school and if we feel uncomfortable reaching higher up to ask for the help we need, we are able to talk to our PC teacher or House Coordinator and they can bring forth the issue.
  • It is clear that many of the teachers care about each individual student and want the best for us. They are always there to help regarding school and out of school issues and have been a very positive, strong role model in my life.
  • I believe that Merici teaches you to focus your time and effort on those who seriously care about you over an extent of time like family and close friends as well as directing your time to helping those who are less fortunate

Jacqui Keighery, Board Chair

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